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Parish/Faith Community Nurse Preparation Course - Concordia University/Wisconsiin

  • 07/15/2024
  • Online

Parish/Faith Community Nurse Preparation Course 

sponsored by Concordia University/Wisconsin

Starting July 15, 2024

Course Overview

          Since 1989, Concordia has offered educational programs in parish nursing and congregational health ministries. Our Parish/Faith Community Nursing course is offered completely online for a flexible way to learn about congregational health ministries. The course consists of eight one-week units that approach nursing in the faith community from all angles. You will study Jesus’ example of caregiving and service to others, learn how to use healthcare as a ministry of the Gospel, and how to start and run a health ministry in your own church. This program integrates a Christian caregiving framework to developing a holistic congregational health and parish nurse ministry in serving your congregation in mind, body and spirit.  We offer two sections yearly:  one starts January 1, and second section starts July 15. 

Contact Director of Parish Nursing and Congregational Health Ministries: Carol at for questions.

Learning Units

1.      God’s Cure for Evil: Gods Gracious Cure for Sin and Illness: The Rev. Dr. Dan Paavola

2.      Theology of the Cross: “Why is This Happening to Me?”: The Rev. Dr. Dan Paavola

3.      What is Faith Community Nursing: Roles and Ministry: Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk. RN

4.      Nuts and Bolts: Establishing a Parish Nurse Ministry: Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk, RN

5.      Intentional Care of the Spirit: Assessing Spiritual Needs: Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk, RN

6.      Intentional Care of the Spirit: Outcomes and Evidence Based Interventions, Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk, RN

7.      Application of FCN Roles to a Care Study: Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk

8.      Self-Care and Professional Growth: Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk

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