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Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association!  We seek to be the light of Christ as we integrate faith and health in the ministry of parish nursing.  Here you will find information about parish nursing, tools to assist you in your ministry, as well as updates on our progress and activities. May God bless you with peace and joy!

The COVID Corner

Covid recovery program

NIH National Institutes of Health Turning Discovery into Health

The RECOVER Initiative brings together patients, caregivers, clinicians, community leaders, and scientists from across the nation to understand, prevent, and treat PASC, including Long COVID. This group is called the RECOVER Consortium.

Many of our parishioners and some parish nurses have had covid and now have symptoms that comprmise their lifestyle.  Follow this link to read more about this new initiative.


The Consortium represents and supports more than 100 researchers who are leading studies on Long COVID at more than 200 places around the country. These studies have a diverse group of participants, including adults, pregnant people, and children. 

Long COVID Is Real, and Many Real Questions Remain

We continue to hear much about the long term effects of Covid on the body.  I read repeatedly of the impact it has on the brain, the heart, the clotting mechanism of the body, and other major organs.  This link takes you to an excellent article by Damian McNamara, MA on long covid, what we still need to learn about it, and research being conducted to  understand the phenomenon.  


Endemicity - Will COVID-19 become endemic?

It is unlikely that COVID-19 will be eradicated as was SARS-1. Similar to the original coronaviruses, COVID-19 likely will become endemic in most countries, requiring similar management as that used to control many other endemic pathogens. Most importantly, major control of infectious agents has been achieved with the development of safe and effective vaccines. Smallpox was totally eradicated because of the administration of vaccine worldwide. Polio has been eliminated in the United States and most developed countries, and diphtheria and tetanus almost completely controlled. The major reduction of some other viruses such as measles, rubella, and mumps are further examples of vaccine success.

To read the full article from Medscape, please follow this link: 


Covid Vaccine Facts for Nurses Another GREAT Resource 


The American Nurses Association is proud to partner with the American Nurses Foundation and other leading nurse and healthcare organizations to bring critical and current COVID-19 vaccine information to nurses on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Health Articles for your Congregation

July Focus on Body, Mind, and Spirit

Are you looking for health articles to include in your congregation's newsletter?

You don't have to re-invent the wheel! Advocate Health Care is kind enough to allow us to post their monthly health flyers on a variety of helpful topics. 

You can find more health articles and other helpful tools for ministry by clicking here:

Parish Nurse Ministry Tools page under Resources. 

More Health Flyers to use!!

These are free health tip sheets that you can download and are published in English or Spanish.  There is a current month bulletin amd also an archive of hundreds of other topics to choose.   

The link can be found in the Member's Only section under Parish Nurse Ministry Tools.  Check it out now!!

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FREE Printable Resource: 

Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events

Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events was developed in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This booklet provides practical guidance for caregivers—including parents, family members, teachers, clergy, and volunteers—on how to help support children after a traumatic event. This booklet provides readers with an overview of common reactions to violent acts, including a breakdown of common signs and symptoms by age. Concrete steps for caring for children’s emotional and spiritual needs in the wake of a traumatic event are also provided. 

To access and print the book click here

Position Openings

ELPNA will post Position Openings for Parish Nurses/Faith Community Nurses on our website. They will be featured under the Parish Nurse index tab, on select regional pages, and on our Home Page! Each listing will be posted for 30 days. At that time, it may be reposted for 30 additional days. To submit an opening, please submit the information to elpna.national@gmail.com

    • 09/01/2022
    • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Our Savior's Lutheran Church

    Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD, is currently accepting applications for the position of Faith Community Nurse.  This is part-time position, approximately 24 hours per week, with a flexible schedule and occasional weekend hours.  The Faith Community Nurse will work closely with the Pastor of Spiritual Care and the Spiritual Care team to facilitate a whole-person approach to the spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing of those in our care.  We seek to hire a Licensed Registered Nurse with at least three years nursing experience to work within a large ELCA congregation with an established Faith Community Nursing program.  Bachelor’s Degree preferred.  For more information contact Pr. Timothy Lemme at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church at 605-336-2942, or by email to, tlemme@oslchurch.com

    • 09/01/2022
    • Methodist Health System, Dallas Texas

    Methodist Health System logo

    Methodist Health System's Faith Community Nursing Program in Dallas, TX has the unique opportunity to participate in the hiring and supervision of a Faith Community Nurse for The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church! Please see attached flyer!

    Interested? Submit your resume to faithcommunitynursing@mhd.com

    Methodist Health System FCN Position Flyer.pdf

Grants Available for Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse Ministries

We have an exciting opportunity for Lutheran congregations! Members of the ELPNA have long been supportive of new parish nurse ministry start-ups and are acutely aware of the challenging financial situations of congregations. In response to this need, the ELPNA will annually provide funds for start-up or development of a new focus in an existing parish nursing ministry, for a minimum of two (2) Lutheran congregations. Congregations can request up to $750.00 in grant funding. 

 Click here for more information and for the application form. The next deadline for application is October 15, 2022.

Lutheran Services in America (LSA)

Lutheran Services in America

It is an exciting time for ELPNA as we join Lutheran Services in America (LSA) as an Associate Member. You might ask, why are we joining this organization? Founded in 1997, LSA is a national network of non-profit Lutheran service organizations in 48 states, providing a variety of services. These organizations share a common heritage and have common goals. LSA brings these organizations together in collaboration through educational programs and conferences that share ideas on service goals and advocacy. The mission of LSA is to champion Lutheran social ministry by building valuable connections, applying our voices and empowering our members to answer God’s call to love and service our neighbors. 

LSA + 300 members care for 6 million Americans

As Parish/Faith Community Nurses we have opportunity to interact with ‘mature’ and wise people in your ministries.  August 21 is National Senior Citizen’s Day, a day during which we have the privilege of
honoring those seniors who are part of our worship communities, may continue to contribute to ministry in your congregations, who may be caregivers or care receivers, but nonetheless have and/or will continue to impart their wisdom to those who are blessed to know them. 

On Sunday, August 21 you may wish to find ways to honor these individuals in your congregations and help others do the same.  See this link for ideas.  https://respectcaregivers.org/national-senior-citizens-day/


A Tribute to RNs 
Celebrating You, Nursing and our Ministry 

This Tribute is dedicated to all RNs, in all walks of life, for their never ending compassion towards humanity. May the Angels above continue to watch over them and protect them, always.

Upcoming Events

Spending Time in Their Shoes: Spiritual Care with the Elderly and Those Dealing with Dementia

By Rev. Kent Mechler

Date: September 27, 2022
Hosted by ELPNA EDucation Committee

Click here for more information and make plans now to attend!

What's New on the Website?

New events are added to the website weekly, please check them out on the events page

New devotional by Carol DeSchepper

An Invitation to Eternity

Adults Lutherans Organized for Action (ALOA)

On the Resources page you will find new information and links to the ALOA website.  This is a great resource for parish nurses and for your congregants.  ALOA offers great free webinars and many are archived on their website. Please review and share as you wish.  

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