Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association

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Our Roots, Mission, Vision, and Leadership

ELPNA Information

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA) is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of registered nurses who are affiliated with an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) or other Lutheran congregation. ELPNA was founded in 2004, with the first membership list including 65 nurses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods of Minnesota. ELPNA is now a national organization, with membership open to Registered Nurses who have completed a Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse preparation course and are paid/unpaid/retired staff with an ELCA or other Lutheran congregation.

The Mission of ELPNA is:

To provide leadership in fostering the spiritual growth and development of Parish Nurses, promote the expansion of this ministry into more congregations, and strengthen the Parish Nurse presence within the Synods.

The Vision of ELPNA is: 

To promote a culture of health, healing and wholeness in ELCA and other Lutheran congregations, agencies and communities.

GOALS: The goals of this organization shall be (excerpted from the ELPNA Bylaws):

  1. Develop and provide education for parish nurses rooted in an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America theological perspective;
  2. Create and promote structures that equip ELCA or other Lutheran  parish nurses through communication, cooperation, and collaboration;
  3. Develop a support system for new and established ELCA or other Lutheran  parish nurse  ministries; and
  4.  Seek to provide a viable, sustainable, recognized organization within Lutheran denominations.