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ELCA Regions and ELPNA

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is one of the largest Christian denominations within the United States and the Caribbean. Approximately 3.3 million members in almost 9,000 worshipping communities are divided in nine regions for governance. Each of these nine regions has several synods (65 total) within them. The synods vary in size, from 30 congregations to almost 300 congregations. Please check the map to find the region in which your congregation resides. 

ELPNA is pan-Lutheran and exists to serve parish nurses and congregations across Lutheranism.  All are welcome and invited to be part of the important work of furthering parish nursing ministry.  Whether your congregation is LCMS, Wisconsin Synod, or another Lutheran denomination, ELPNA will warmly welcome you and help you find a region with which you can network.  You are also welcome to serve on the ELPNA board. 

The National ELPNA Board of Directors has up to three directors on its board from each of the nine regions.  This group meets 10 times a year via Zoom to carry on the business of the organization.  The directors are resources for you and your congregation, offering mentorship to parish nurses and/or assisting with the development of a new parish nurse ministry. The ELPNA Board is always looking for additional members to join organizational leaders as directors, officers, and/or to serve on committees. If you are interested, contact your Regional Director or one of the National Officers.

The members of the national board are listed on this website by region, including their contact information (National). The hope is that ELPNA members will network with other members in their region to provide support and share ideas. Identify and share your resources. Take time to reach outside your congregation and synod to your regional colleagues, regional directors, as well as the other members of ELPNA.  These efforts will allow us to reap the benefits of sharing our combined expertise and experience!


June Sand
Former Treasurer and Region 3 member of ELPNA

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For assistance with updating your regional information,
Please contact:
Carolyn Crowe, Region 4
Regional Website Manager
Call or text: 314-277-2164

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