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2024 Goals Guiding Board Priorities

Committee Goals 2024
Lutheran Faith Community Nurse Association (LFCNA)




a.     Develop and/or review policies, guidelines, and forms as needed.
b.     Add at least 1 new member to the committee
c.      Evaluate the 2023 new Board member orientation and modify if needed. Offer again in 2024.
d.     Develop a ballot for the 2024 election, for Board members and Officers serving in 2025.
e.     Draft revisions to the Bylaws as needed
f.       Propose a committee to develop products for members only.
g.     Collaborate with the Finance Committee on a long-term funding plan for the ED position.


a.     Develop a strategy for deployment and use of the PPTs earlier developed for synods, congregations, seminarians, and schools of nursing. 
b.     Articulate our purpose for outreach to ELCA groups/staff and create messaging
c.      Explore Outreach to other Lutheran denominational groups (i.e. Service and Justice; Synod Communicators; Deaconess Community; Directors of Evangelical Mission (DEMs); WELCA; Men in Mission; Youth gathering 2024; and/or other FCNS in Lutheran denominations including WELS, LCMS, LCMC, NALC, Word Alone, etc.)
d.     Provide resources to the Synods for their websites (e.g. website, email address, and other)


a. Complete the implementation of QuickBooks
b.     Continue to use the newsletter for education of members on the financial needs and support of LFCNA.
c.      Support the Board of Directors in strategic planning and ongoing fiduciary management of assets by providing accurate and timely financial reports.
d.     Develop a Data Management Tracking Tool to support the organization’s strategic direction and the pursuit of future grants and/or fiscal partnerships.
e.     Continue development of the concept of Fiscal Partnerships and obtain a minimum of two partners.
f.       Collaborate with the Membership, Education, and Governance Committees to implement strategies to increase revenue to the organization and secure long-term funding of the ED position.


a.     Offer 5 paid events in 2024
b.     Offer a free educational event as part of the 2024 annual meeting
c.      Seek Contact Hours for events described in goals 1 and 2.
d.     Continue to offer Replenishing Your Heart events with the involvement of Annette Langdon and/or other members.


a.     Recruit 25 new members
b.     Maintain Member Retention rate at or above 90%
c.      Contact ELCA staff to make LFCNA more visible and accessible on their website and offer assistance to update the online information.
d.     Develop strategies to encourage greater participation in peer sharing groups.
e.     Review and clarify current membership options and explore new membership options such as institutional membership with student benefits.


a.     Maintain LFCNA Connections Newsletter Click rate (those who actually open the newsletter) of 65% or greater.
b.     Obtain at least 4 member contributions to each issue of the newsletter.  
c.      Increase Facebook utilization.
·       Likes to 225
·       Followers to 250
·       Contributors to 4
d.     Review every website page for currency, appearance, and relevance at least annually.
e.     Increase the number of photos on the website and Facebook related to Faith Community Nurse Activities.
f.       Engage Regional Directors in reviewing their Regional pages and make needed updates annually at minimum.
g.     Recruit 2 new members for this committee. 


Present two grants for a startup program or a new program to an existing faith community program. Each grant would have the potential to receive $750.00.

Approved by the Board of Directors 09/27/2023

Last Updated 01/30/2024

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