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Advanced Planning and End of Life Issues

Honoring Choices Minnesota
Honoring Choices Minnesota is focuse/Family studies and Certificate in Gerontologyd on helping every adult Minnesotan understand what Advance Care Planning is, and working with health care providers to make sure they offer assistance to all patients, and will honor your choices.

The Conversation Project
The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. Wonderful resources, starter kit available, and you can sign up for the newsletter.Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family

Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family
Nursing@Georgetown created a new guide to help individuals with terminal conditions navigate and effectively communicate difficult end-of-life decisions to their family and clinicians. This comprehensive resource includes a list of questions patients can ask physicians about end-of-life decisions and a PDF worksheet on values history. You can access “Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family” here:
Received from “Nursing@Georgetown, the online MSN program from the School of Nursing & Health Studies”

Dear Colleagues,
    The holidays are approaching, we continue to deal with isolation from the pandemic and sadly, families must continue to suffer through the heartache of pregnancy loss.  I invite you to share this registration link with anyone who may be on this grief journey.  This support group will be held in a ZOOM format and participants must register with Adventist Health Care to get the link to the meeting.  Please feel free to share my contact information with anyone who might benefit from this peer support. cell-240-481-3903.  Although I have found the virtual meetings challenging, the last group we held a family from Temecula, CA was able to join us. Be well, stay safe.

Jeanine McGrath, RN, CCE, CD(DONA)
By Your Side Birth Services,LLC
15602 Twin Valley Court

Caregiving and Senior Housing Options

Books by Emily Butler-MortonIncluded in these books are the many ways to remain independent, whether living at home or other types of senior housing, guidelines to help decide when more assistance is needed, and resources available to help impliment the decisions made.   Emily Butler-Morton is a resident of Virginia, author, senior advocate, and public speaker.  She has a B.S. in Psychology/Family Studies,and Certificate in Gerontology.  The books were published in 2018 and can be ordered by contacting Emily at

Updated 10/19
Get Ready, Get Set, Stay Put: A Guide for Aging at Home.  Listed on Amazon for $13.95.  Our price is $10.00
Care Enough to Keep Your Parents Safe.  Listed on Amazon for $15.95.  Our price is $12.00
Long Distance Caregiving.  Listed on Amazon for $11.95.  Our price is $8.00

Children's Health

Birth Injury Center
This easy to navigate and comprehensive website is dedicated to promoting awareness of common birth injuries and their causes. Their mission is to help users find helpful information on devastating birth injuries and their symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Cerebral Palsy Information
Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, with a child being born with CP every hour. Our goal is to raise awareness globally for cerebral palsy and other birth injuries.

Cherish All Children
Cherish All Children is a national Lutheran ministry of prayer, education, relationship-building, and action to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety
A comprehensive resource offering safety guides for infants, families, patients and seniors, as well as publishing important health news, recalls and safety alerts.

Consumer Safety Guide
Consider us a comprehensive resource for information about faulty medical devices, FDA alerts, and any other information about dangerous consumer products.


Disability Ministry
As a church committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is called to welcome all people in all its congregations and ministries into full participation as baptized members of the body of Christ."

Family Violence

Responding to Family Violence Toolkit
This toolkit was developed by Texas Impact- an ecumenical group in Texas made up of representatives from mainline Christian, Jewish, and Muslin denominations who lobby the state represtnatives regarding important issues. They are currently dealing with Family Violence and Human Trafficking. There is a lot of good information, as well as a list of resources, in this toolkit.


Musical Reflections, Tami Briggs, Therapeutic Harpist
Tami is a wonderful harpist and who produced many CD's that can be used for guided meditation, yoga devotions, relaxation exercises, helping with sleep problems and anxiety, to name a few, as well as for your listening enjoyment. She also has books with CD's titled Reflections on Grieving, and Grace Notes: Reflections on the Harp and Healing.

Holistic healing:
Parish Nurses Care for Body, Mind and Spirit


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