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September 2020 - Suicide Prevention
October 2020 - Domestic Abuse
December 2020 - HIV Aids Awareness

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Helping Those who are Grieving

Here is a two part Newsletter topic that was written by Sondra Weinzierl, Assistaint Chair, Board of Directors, Region 3.  She offered to share this on our web site for other Parish/Faith Community Nurses to use in their congregations. Thank you Sondra!!
Click here to download the Newletter articles, both Parts One and Two.

Healing Service Bulletins

These Healing Service Bulletins  were developed by Phyllis Bruce for the Healing Services at her church.  They folow a basic template with changes in music and scripture readings, and a focus on seasonal services.  You are welcome to revise them according to your need and faith traditions. If you use the hymns in the Service to Honor Caregiving and Caregivers, be sure you have the proper copyright permission for your church.

Template for General Healing Service - Fill in your own Scripture and music.

November: A Service of Thanksgiving and Healing

December: Advent Service of Remembrance, Hope and Healing (Blue Christmas)

March:  A Small Group Service of Healing for Repentance, Prayer and Meditation for Lent Using Lectio Devina and Anointing with Oil
                    Explaination of how to use Lectio Devina in small groups

May: A Service to Honor Caregiving and Care Givers

Sample Installation Services for Parish Nurses

There are samples of three installations services when you click on the above title.  This will allow you to quickly access all and choose what would best fit your congregation, or maybe combine ideas from more than one. 

Prayer Cards

This prayer card is formated to make a double sided card.  Print the two pages, then copy them on card stock making a double sided card.  They can now be cut to make four cards.  Give them to members of your visitation teams, Befrienders, etc., or use them to give to those you visit, after reading the verse and prayer to them. 

                     Click here to open the prayer card

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