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Parish Nursing Resources

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  • Funding Resources
    • William's Wishes:
      MISSION Statement: 
      William's Wishes seeks to seed the development of new faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse (also called Faith Community Nurse) programs, and to provide sustainability for those faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse programs who are desirous of expanding the scope of their ministries.  Through this mission, William's Wishes hopes to increase the number of individuals who receive the benefits of such programs and experience wholeness in mind, body, and spirit even when a cure may not be available. Matching grants up to $1,000 to either seed or sustain a health ministry and/or health ministry-related project are available. email:
    • ELPNA Region 3 Parish, Faith Community Start-up Grants

      The ELPNA will provide start-up funds for congregations in Region 3 (MN, SD, ND). Congregations can request up to $500.00 as a start-up grant. The target is 2-3 Lutheran congregations who would like to start or develop a parish nurse program within their faith community.  The grant is often used for the potential Parish Nurse to attent a Foundations Course.
      Contact:  Marie Wiegert at  for further information

    • ELPNA Grants for Parish/Faith Community Nurses in other Regions
      • Grants are available through contacting the Regional Respresentative.  To find your specific Region click here  Then proceed to that Region under "News from the Regions".  The Representative(s) name will be listed there with her contact information.
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Further Topics in Alphabetical order:

Addiction Resources

Advanced Planning and End of Life Issues

Honoring Choices Minnesota is focused on helping every adult Minnesotan understand what Advance Care Planning is, and working with health care providers to make sure they offer assistance to all patients, and will honor your choices.

  • The Conversation Project
    The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  Wonderful resources, starter kit available, and you can sign up for the newletter. 

Children's Health

  • Birth Injury Center:   This easy to navigate and comprehensive website is dedicated to promoting awareness of common birth injuries and their causes. Their mission is to help users find helpful information on devastating birth injuries and their symptoms, causes, and treatment options.
  • Cerebral Palsy Information
    Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, with a child being born with CP every hour. Our goal is to raise awareness globally for cerebral palsy and other birth injuries.
  • Cherish All Children:  Cherish All Children is a national Lutheran ministry of prayer, education, relationship-building, and action to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Consumer Safety

  •  A comprehensive resource offering safety guides for infants, families, patients and seniors, as well as publishing important health news, recalls and safety alerts.
  • Consumer Safety Guide: Consider us a comprehensive resource for information about faulty medical devices, FDA alerts, and any other information about dangerous consumer products.

Disability Ministry
“As a church committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is called to welcome all people in all its congregations and ministries into full participation as baptized members of the body of Christ”

Faith, Health, and Healing

  • Church Health Center: The International Parish  Resource Center (INPRC) transitioned in 2011 to it's new home at the Church Health Center.  At the 2016 Westberg Symposium, it was announced that the INPRC had changed it's name to the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing, in honor of Granger Westberg, the founder of Parish Nursing.
  • Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing: Information about the Westberg Institute, events, courses, and Symposiums.
  • Westberg's Faith Community Nursing page:  Information about Faith Community Nursing practice and standards, Foundation Courses and other FCN classes and events nationally.
  • Yammer:  Get connected with other Parish/Faith Community Nurses around the country.  Great way to nework!!  Here's how to get connected:
  • Church Health Reader  A large variety of articles with great information for your health ministry.  Subscriptions for printed versions available as well.
  • Church Health Resources:
    This is the Church Health Resource store.  A variety of wonderful books and information.
  • Portico Benefit Services:   As an ELCA ministry, Portico offers health, flexible spending, retirement, disability, and survivor plans to help rostered leaders and lay employees strengthen their well-being. By living well as whole people of God, we believe we can better enhance the lives of others.
  • Portico Links to the Wellness Revolution:
  • To learn about the ELCA Wellness Reformation:
  • To access wellness activities like the Go challenge for individuals and congregations go to:
  • To find signs of a healthy leader go to:
  • Toolkit developed by Emory University for developing public health and faith community partnerships
    The link to the toolkit is
    •   The toolkit describes 14 model practices unique to successful partnerships with the faith community. We feel it is valuable because it describes capacities that are unique to the faith community and is in a language and form that can be used: 1) to help public helth recognize the why and how to partner with this communirty and 2) gives language and meaning to the faith community about its distinctiveness and contributions they make to health, particularly reducing health disparities.
  • Blog, Full of Years, by Author and congregational consultant BOB SITZE,

    • In short written and video entries, Sitze casts his wry eye in the direction of older adult life. He aims his insights at spiritually minded and purposed individuals who want to seize rich opportunities to serve God with wisdom and joy.
      Sitze comments on his purpose: “I want to merge devotional thinking with positive approaches to senior living.” Directed towards the daily realities of older adults, the blog serves those already immersed in or approaching their later years—as well as those who care for them.
      A special audience: Congregational leaders who might use the blogs as part of a ministry that begins with appreciation of the assets and agency of older adults. Archival and comment features make the site useful well after the original posting dates.
The following are links to webinars presented by the Partnership Center at HHS with the goal of educating and resourcing faith and community leaders on addictions and opioids.

Responding to Family Violence Toolkit

  • This toolkit was developed by Texas Impact- an ecumenical group in Texas made up of representatives from mainline Christian, Jewish, and Muslin denominations who lobby the state represtnatives regarding important issues. They are currently dealing with Family Violence and Human Trafficking. There is a lot of good information, as well as a list of resources, in this toolkit. 
  • Link to Family Violence Toolkit


  • Musical Reflections, Tami Briggs, Therapeutic Harpist, 

    Tami is a wonderful harpist and who produced many CD's that can be used for guided meditation, yoga devotions, relaxation exercises, helping with sleep problems and anxiety, to name a few, as well as for your listening enjoyment.  She also has books with CD's titled Reflections on Grieving, and Grace Notes: Reflections on the Harp and Healing.
Mental Health Resources
A social message on....The Body of Christ and Mental Illness.  Adopted by the Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on November 10, 2011
Pathways to Promise
This website is intenteded for faith leaders, interested laity, peaple with Mental Illness and their families, friends, and supporters, plus Mental Health Professionals interested in working with the faith community.
Mental illness touches every family, community and house of worship. Find resources here for education, programs, advocacy and services. 
Advocate's Congregational Health Partnerships has a Faith and Mental Health Booklet with resources and information for faith leaders on mental health recovery.
Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital's Connections Magazine has an excellent issue on mental health. It is loaded with articles and resources for faith communities. 
The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition is a regional group that works with faith communities to reduce stigma, provide support and educate about mental health issues.
NAMI Basics Education Program is a national signature education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illness.  The course is taught by trained teachers who are the parent or other caregivers of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.  All instruction and course materials are free to class participants.  For more information click on the brochure.
The Partnership Center at the Department of Health and Human Services has provided an excellent resource list on opioids and addictions for faith communities.  Focus on Youth:  Download here.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline


  • Lutheran Parish Nurse International (LPNI), Parish Nurses International, NFP [LPNI] exists to serve the  Lord and His Kingdom through Christ-centered parish nursing in Lutheran  denominations. Their web site contains devotions, health information, study tour information and a Bible Study, and more. The study tour for 2019 is to Singapore.
  • International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN) The official journal of Faith Community Nursing International (FCNI) 
    • The primary aim of IJFCN is to support the practice of faith community nurses worldwide through publication of research and best practices. This is a collaborative project with the School of Nursing at Western Kentucky University through the University's TopSCHOLAR program. Access is available through FCNI's website, and
  • Journal of Christian Nursing: 
      JCN is an excellent journal for parish nurses!  Each quarter it publishes articles relevent to parish nursing. JCN offers spiritual sustainance, clinical content specific to mutliple practice areas, and professional insight for all nurses.   In every issue you will find articles
    approved by ANCC for relicensure and certification for parish nurses.  Online articles are also available through the web site.
  • Holistic healing:
    Parish Nurses Care for Body, Mind and Spirit
    A wonderful article based on interviews from our own ELPNA nurses.  It has also been put on the ELCA web site.
  • National Library of Medicine:
  • National Council of State Boards of Nursing publication The Nurse’s Guide to Use of Social Media.
  •  Parish Nurse Newsletter: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:


Options for Publication

Public Health Nursing:

Journal of Community Health Nursing:

Journal of Christian Nursing:

American Nurse Today (American Nurses Association):

Journal of Nursing Scholarship (Sigma Theta Tau International):

Nursing Outlook (Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing):

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials Million Hearts State Learning Collaborative:

Volunteer Opportunities

  •   Lutheran Global Health Volunteer program is all about creating sustainable relationships between volunteers and companion hospital staff in an effort for mutual learning experiences, be that medical or spiritual growth experiences. Furthermore, these service opportunities in Liberia, Tanzania, and India are fantastic ways to share the wonderful experiences of the ELPNA with companion hospitals. Most companion hospitals have extensive palliative and home care programs which parish nurses would be well-equipped to support.



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