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2022 Goals Guiding Board Priorities

Membership Committee

1.      Recruit one or more members on Membership Committee
2.      Connect and establish relationships with the FCN Networks in all Regions by continuing to reach them by phone or email.
3.      Recruit a minimum of 25 additional members.
a.      Membership drive for new members March/April with a drawing. 
4.      Maintain a retention rate of 90% of 2021 members
5.      Promote, expand, and encourage members to invite non-members to Peer Sharing Gatherings.
a.      Have all Directors encourage those attending to do this each meeting.
6.      Reach out to churches and synod offices of other Lutheran denominations for finding FCNs and/or promoting FCN.
7.      Develop a follow-up methodology for contacting lapsed members.
Grants Committee
1.      Offer two $750 grants to congregations in 2022
2.      Finalize the Rubric for grant application review
3.      Modify grant guidelines and other forms as needed

Education Committee

1.      Host 4 education events in 2022, content/topics based on member feedback
2.      Apply for CEUs for all events
3.      In collaboration with the outreach committee, plan an education event for schools of nursing partners on the role of the FCN and offering a FCN Community Health experience or another topic.
4.      Offer a free (no registration) event as part of the annual membership meeting of the organization

Communications Committee

1.      Based on Google Analytics, develop a benchmark document for the most useful indicators of website utilization.
2.      Increase ELPNA Newsletter Click rate to 60%
a.      Promote member’s contributions to the newsletter, a minimum of two per issue.
b.      Improve the number of likes and followers on our Facebook page to 185 each.
3.     Evaluate and update the ELPNA website to improve the appearance and usability
a.      Develop a Power Point presentation that promote Parish Nursing/Faith Community Nursing in congregations including what is a PN/FCN and impact of PN/FCN to the congregation
b.      Provide PNs/FCNs with educational programs that can be used to educate congregants and colleagues.
c.      Add Assessment tools, contracts
4.      Increase the number of photos on the web site related to parish nurse activities and promote the use of the photo release form.  
5.      Keep Regional pages updated by:
a.      Update each Regional page a minimum of twice a year.
b.      Encourage each regional director to regularly examine and update their Regional page.
6.      Update the Brochure and evaluate the need for a printed copy
7.      Develop various ways to improve visibility, communication, and support for Lutheran PN/FCN
a.      Orientation class for new members or orientation to WA
b.      ELPNA Effusion – (Possible name of this discussion forum) bring issue to discuss
c.      Enhancing local communication with other health care agencies, synods
d.      Display for congregations to have for events and for synod events
e.      Encouraging publications from ELPNA to IJFCN and JCN
f.       Supporting members to present (poster or podium) at conferences to represent ELPNA

Outreach Committee

1. Establish and further ELPNA’s relationship with seminaries.
a.      Letters were sent to the 10 Lutheran seminaries last fall with 3 responses.
b.      Send a follow-up e-letter with a link to the ELPNA resources to share with faculty and students.
c.      Continue to develop contacts with the seminaries through personal connections.
2.  Collaborate with Lutheran College Schools of Nursing to increase knowledge of faith community nursing as a specialty practice within nursing.
a.   Letters were sent to 23 Lutheran SsON last fall with 3 responses which we responded to
b. Work with the Education Committee to develop an educational program via Zoom for the community nursing faculty of these schools focusing on the spiritual component of the practice; the various congregational structures;  how this role fits into community health; the variety of experiences within the congregation and the larger community; the Scope and Standards for Faith Community Nursing;  a Q & A time; and information about ELPNA as an organization,  the web site, and resources available for congregations. 
c.    Explore expanding our connections with secular SON through the zoom program.  Several members have provided clinical experiences for students enrolled in secular SON.
d.      Discuss with the Membership Committee the idea of creating a Affiliate membership category for Lutheran SON faculty.
3.  Establish and further relationship with Lutheran denominational and Synod leaders, and with the national ELCA office.
a.      Continue working with the staff at churchwide on placing questions about faith community nursing on any survey going to congregations.
b.   Contact staff in the new home area of churchwide, Service and Justice, about a   zoom meeting to discuss our organization and possible connections within the organization. Parish nursing will  fall under this section  led by Rafael Malpica Padilla, in the new structure.
c.      Continue meeting with LC-MS parish nurse representatives to discuss possible areas of collaboration.  Carol will be making a presentation at the annual conference in May and ELPNA will have an informational display and letter of welcome in the conference brochure.
d.      In an effort to identify parish nursing in the local congregations, a suggestion was made to send e- letters to the bishops in each synod within a region asking about parish nursing in their congregations.  This was done in Region 7 with some positive results.  This would also provide a connections within each synod office for placement of information about our organization and the grants available to congregations.
e.      Continue to work with Gather Magazine in providing articles about parish nursing.  One suggestions:  How did congregations survive during the COVID pandemic?

Public Health Advisory Committee

1.      Receive suggestions from members for potential gift recipients of our charitable contribution that follow our giving guidelines of promoting justice, compassion, and respect for human life.
2.      Evaluate options where ELPNA’s 2022 charitable contribution will be directed and make a recommendation to the board.

Bylaws Committee

1.      Review the ELPNA Bylaws and propose recommended changes to the board

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