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2021 Goals Guiding Board Priorities

Membership Committee:

1.       Improve membership retention rate to 90%

2.       Recruit a minimum of 20 additional members

3.       Explore the development of a Members Only section for the web site. 

4.       Explore further incentives for membership. (Such as offering a free webinar to anyone
who recruits a new member, adding “Who asked you to join?” to the membership form.

5.       Promote the Meet and Greets as a tool for member recruitment.  (Encourage Regions to pair together if desired)

6.       Directors will send a letter to non-members who attend the meet and greets.  (letter will be given to all directors.)

7.       Promote connecting with Synods/ congregations in the regions to locate parish nurses.

Education Committee:

1.      Provide 2-4 continuing education activities for FCNs in 2021, offering CEUs at as many as possible.

2.      Reevaluate the fee structure for continuing education participation

3.      Compile a list of FCN networks throughout the country that would be willing to promote our education offerings

Communications Committee

1.      Based on Google Analytics, develop a benchmark document for the most useful indicators of website use.

2.      Explore Wild Apricot for its appropriate use for our organization.
This will be combined effort with other committees and the whole board.

3.      Increase ELPNA Newsletter open rate to 60%

4.    Increase member’s contributions to the newsletter, a minimum of three per issue.   

5.      Improve the number of likes and followers on our Facebook page to 175 each (currently at 130 and 139 respectively).
Add a note on the membership renewal and thank you letters to Like us and follow us on our Facebook site.  

6.      Evaluate and update the ELPNA web site to improve the appearance and usability.  (This will be done in conjunction with the evaluation of Wild Apricot.  If we decide to adopt this program, the web site will be moved as part of the Wild Apricot program and will be updated in format). 

7.       Increase the number of photos on the web site related to parish nurse activities and develop a photo release form to be used by the contributing parish nurses.    

Outreach Committee

1.      Establish and further ELPNA’s relationship with seminaries.

2.      Collaborate with Lutheran College Schools of Nursing to increase knowledge of faith community nursing as a specialty practice within nursing.

3.      Establish and further relationship with Lutheran denominational and Synod leaders, and with the national ELCA office.

Public Health Advocacy

1.      Post on our website and in our newsletter the ELPNA Charitable Giving Guidelines (see attachment) for the benefit of membership understanding.

2.      Receive suggestions from members for potential gift recipients of our charitable contribution that follow our giving guidelines of promoting justice, compassion, and respect for human life.

3.      Evaluate options where 2021 charitable contribution will be directed and make a recommendation to the board.

4.      Consider a Public Advocacy Education Event in the latter part of 2021.  The event would include leaders from two or three suggested agencies as potential gift recipients who would inform members of their agency mission, vision, goals and explain use of monetary gifts.  This goal would inform our gift recommendation.

Grants Committee

1Provide two scholarships/grants to congregations for up to $750.00.

2. Review and revise the grant announcement, application, and guidelines.

3Review and revise the grant evaluation rubric to better select recipients.

Infrastructure and Succession Planning (ad hoc)

1.       Monitor and evaluate the executive director pilot project

2.       Report findings to the board no later than October with recommendation

3.       Explore ongoing funding options, if the role is meeting original objectives and there is a desire for it to be sustained

Please contact us with any website recommendations or corrections at elpna.national@gmail.com

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