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Church Health Center
The International Parish Resource Center (INPRC) transitioned in 2011 to it's new home at the Church Health Center. At the 2016 Westberg Symposium, it was announced that the INPRC had changed it's name to the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing, in honor of Granger Westberg, the founder of Parish Nursing.

Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing
Information about the Westberg Institute, events, courses, and Symposiums.

Westberg's Faith Community Nursing
Information about Faith Community Nursing practice and standards, Foundation Courses and other FCN classes and events nationally.

Get connected with other Parish/Faith Community Nurses around the country. Great way to nework!! Here's how to get connected: https://westberginstitute.org/fcn-knowledge-sharing-platform/

Church Health Reader
A large variety of articles with great information for your health ministry. Subscriptions for printed versions available as well.

Church Health Resources
This is the Church Health Resource store. A variety of wonderful books and information.

Portico Benefit Services
As an ELCA ministry, Portico offers health, flexible spending, retirement, disability, and survivor plans to help rostered leaders and lay employees strengthen their well-being. By living well as whole people of God, we believe we can better enhance the lives of others.

Portico Links to the Wellness Revolution
To learn about the ELCA Wellness Reformation: click here
To access wellness activities like the Go challenge for individuals and congregations click here
To find signs of a healthy leader click here

Toolkit developed by Emory University for developing public health and faith community partnerships click here
The toolkit describes 14 model practices unique to successful partnerships with the faith community. We feel it is valuable because it describes capacities that are unique to the faith community and is in a language and form that can be used: 1) to help public helth recognize the why and how to partner with this communirty and 2) gives language and meaning to the faith community about its distinctiveness and contributions they make to health, particularly reducing health disparities.

Full of Years
A blog by Author and congregational consultant BOB SITZE
In short written and video entries, Sitze casts his wry eye in the direction of older adult life. He aims his insights at spiritually minded and purposed individuals who want to seize rich opportunities to serve God with wisdom and joy.

Sitze comments on his purpose: �I want to merge devotional thinking with positive approaches to senior living.� Directed towards the daily realities of older adults, the blog serves those already immersed in or approaching their later years�as well as those who care for them.

A special audience: Congregational leaders who might use the blogs as part of a ministry that begins with appreciation of the assets and agency of older adults. Archival and comment features make the site useful well after the original posting dates.

The George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWish)

We envision an innovative model of global health care that recognizes spiritual health as a fundamental part of treating the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.
As such, patients develop an inner strength that promotes healing, and providers discover a deeper sense of purpose in their work.



Learn about treatments for sleep disorders that don't involve drugs (prescription or OTC) in our resources listed below. 
Non-drug therapies for sleep disorders