News from Region Nine

Region 9 icludes Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Southeastern Synod, Florida-Bahamas, Caribbean Synod


Nancy                                   Marilyn
Nancy Roberts                                           Marilyn Kranich                                         
Lee Health Parish Nurse Manager,                 Parish Nurse Prince of Peace
 & Parish Nurse Christ Lutheran Church        Lutheran Church, Ft. Myers, FL
Cape Coral, FL                                                 

               Vicki J. Carlson
, Secretary
Saint Peter Lutheran Church
Southport, NC

About Nancy

I have been a nurse for 52 years and a Parish Nurse at Christ Lutheran Church in Cape Coral 20 years.  The call to Parish Nursing was loud and strong one Sunday as my Pastor placed an ad in our Bulletin for a Parish Nurse.  I just knew that was me and over the course of 20 years as Parish Nurse, I have been in a paid position for a period of years as well as a current non paid model.  Serving my congregation and the community has been a very personal journey and has allowed me to work as I needed.  I recently retired from a full-time management position as Parish Nurse Manager in a large health care system.  It was wonderful to be fully immersed in parish nursing in both positions.  I have taught the Foundations Course for many years and have found the course to be rewarding each time I am involved in mentoring and helping RNs prepare themselves for this ministry.

Currently, I continue as Region 9 ELPNA director along with my associate, Marilyn Kranich who is the Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church in Ft. Myers.  Marilyn and her church are currently working on developing a community senior center for South Ft. Myers and I am privileged to be one of the many on the development committee.  We have become close and often share challenges. It is sometimes difficult to identify where parish nurses are in other states, Region 9 includes parts of Pennsylvania, N. Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and the Bahamas. We welcome you to contact us if you are in any of these areas and would like any assistance and/or to connect with you to offer support and a listening ear.  I have been a member of ELPNA since its inception and the opportunity to meet and talk with parish nurses across the United States is an honor.

Blessings on your Parish Nurse Ministry Path,

About Marilyn

I graduated on a Saturday in 1974 from The William Paterson University of New Jersey.  On Monday, I started a 40-year nursing career at The Valley Hospital, a mid-sized hospital in the suburbs of New York City.  While working there I became certified in holistic practice, earned a degree in healthcare management, and was trained as an end-of-life doula.  In 2013, I learned why God had prepared me in this manner.  I completed the Foundations of Parish Nursing program in Florida that was taught by my future manager and friend, Nancy Roberts.  

The following year, I experienced a call by God to serve at Peace Lutheran Church in Ft. Myers.  When I walked through the doors of the church, and Pastor Walter Still told me that 98% of the congregation was over the age of sixty, I knew I was home.  God has blessed us with a flock of hardy mid-westerners who love and serve the Lord and each other.  He gives me the privilege of entering their lives during their most private and vulnerable moments.  It is a joy to develop programs to prepare these dear people to recognize and address the transitions of aging.  Based on the findings of a demographic study by Florida Gulf Coast University, Peace is developing a regional senior center on our church campus.  A challenge, certainly, but God affirms our path by providing talented people to guide us and financial resources to support us. I smile all the way to work. 

Please contact me if I can help you in any way.  Let’s be a blessing today.  Marilyn

About Vicki     

I currently serve as the Lead Parish Nurse for Saint Peter Lutheran Church in Southport, NC., an ELCA congregation.  I graduated from the Florida Hospital Parish Nurse Institute in September of 2006. I have continued my ministry here at Saint Peter since that graduation and have served for the past 14 years in that capacity.  I graduated from Arthur B Ancker School of Nursing in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1968 and have been doing nursing in some form or other since that graduation.  My call to Parish Nursing came a bit late, but I feel that God had been moving me in that direction the whole of my career.  I developed an Associate Parish Nurse program for Saint Peter in 2013 and I supervise 3 other APNs in our congregation.  We have divided our congregation into 4 regions and each of us have about 60 to 70 families that we serve in our case load.  We are also considered part of the Pastoral Care Team.  I also hold certifications as a Spiritual Director from Haden Institute here in NC, as well as a certification as an ELCA Lay Minister and Lay Preacher.  I am also a trained Hospice Nurse and have worked in the in-patient setting.  I hold a certification as a Geriatric Care Coordinator as well. I look forward to serving with you in the position of ELPNA secretary.


Greetings to all our Region 9
Parish/Faith Community Nurses

Nancy and Marilyn are in conversation with Florida Bahamas Synod Bishop Pedro Suarez to begin discussing need to locate existing parish nurses in the Synod. Many have retired, and new nurses are begining their ministry. The hope is that the Synod will assist in keeping a roster of ELCA Lutheran nurses in the Synod.


Greetings from the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA)
 We have an exciting opportunity for Lutheran congregations. Members of the ELPNA have long been supportive of new parish nurse ministry start-ups and are acutely aware of the challenging financial situations of congregations. In response to this need, the ELPNA will annually provide funds for start-up or development of a new focus in an existing parish nursing ministry, for a minimum of two (2) Lutheran congregations. Congregations can request up to $750.00 in grant funding.

 A comment from a congregation that has a parish nursing ministry: 

 Pastor Cheryl Mathison – St. Philip the Deacon

We are so grateful to have our parish nurse at St. Philip the Deacon.  Her creative energy, passion for health and deep faith help us to reach out to more people in new ways.  We are so thankful for the grant, which has helped us to meet the needs of this large faith community.

We are asking for your assistance in publicizing the information to Lutheran congregations. Grant applications are due by May 1st, 2021 via an electronic submission process. The awards will be announced within a month of the deadline with funds issued within the 30 days of approval of the grant.  Application forms are available on the website.   

We are pleased to be able to award these grants to promote and support parish nurse ministry.
The ELPNA Scholarship & Grants Committee

Click here for the application form

Lee Health Health Classes and Conference information:
For questions call:  239-343-5182


Prevention Services of the Northwestern Community Services Board

There are a variety of FREE resources available through this community partner.  Their mission is to prevent substance misuse and suicide and to promote mental wellness in the Lord Fairfax Planning District. This link gives more information on services and the work they are doing:  Representatives are scheduled to present to our network in September, and will provide more details on services, including those listed below.

Lock and TALK Virginia provides services and materials designed to promote safe and responsible care of guns, medication, and other lethal means.

I will have some of their tools at the February meeting – plan to attend and learn how you can obtain these resources.

  • Mental Health First Aid USA is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues.


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