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ELCA Regions and how they relate to ELPNA !
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) divided the USA into nine regions for governance.  Each of these regions has several synods within it.  Please check below to find the region in which your congregation resides. 

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA) follows this nine region organizational practice.   The National ELPNA has two directors (parish nurses) on its board from each of the nine regions.  This group meets monthly by phone conferencing to carry on the business of the National ELPNA.  These directors are resources for you and your congregation to help with forming a Health Ministry or in supporting the parish nurse.  The board is always looking for others to work with them as officers or on committees.  If you are interested make your regional directors be aware of this.

The National ELPNA board of directors is listed on this web site by region and with contact information. The hope is that Lutheran Parish Nurses in a region might know of each other and supply support and ideas.   Some regions are dense in Lutheran Parish Nurses and others have very few.  Take time to reach outside your congregation and synod to your regional directors.  Let them help you join ELPNA and see the benefits of sharing our combined thoughts 

June Sand
Treasurer ELPNA


Regional Map

Find Your Region

Region 1 includes Alaska Synod, Northwest Washington, Southwestern Washington, Eastern Washington-Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

Region 2 includes Sierra Pacific, Southwest California, Pacifica Synod, Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain Synods.

Region 3 includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota.

Region 4 includes Nebraska, Central States Synod, Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, Northern Texas-Nothern Louisiana, Southwestern Texas, and Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synods.

Region 5 includes Illinois, Iowa, Northern Great lakes, Wisconsin.

Region 6 includes Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio,

Region 7 includes New Jersey, New England, Upstate New York, Slovak Zion Synod, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Region 8 includes Northwestern and southwestern Pennsylvania, Allegheny Synod, Lower and Upper Susquehanna Synods, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia

Region 9 icludes Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southeastern Synod, Florida-Bahamas, Caribbean Synod.

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