Photo Album
Westberg Symposium, March 2016

Ruth Manchester, Region 8 Rep. by the ELPNA table

L-R - Andy West, Phyllis Bruce,Marilee Tollefson, Ruth Manchester and Nancy Roberts at the Friday Banquet.

Beth Hansen, Region 3

Shelly Rock by poster session

Lou Vitalis and Ruth Manchester

Banquet speakers Dr. Scott Morris and Martin Marty

Holy Cross Health Parish Nurse contingent from Silver Spring, MD

National Board limo ride to dinner

                                        Nancy Deetz and Bishop                            
                    Nancy Deetz with ELCA Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton
            Taken 2014 at the WELCA Triemial in Charlotte.  (added 7/17)

National Board Retreat - November 3-5, 2017, Chicago, Illinois
Andy and Ruth    Carolyn and Phyllis
        Andy West, Golden, CO,                                                      Carolyn Crowe, St. Louis, MO, and
      and Ruth Manchester, Silver Spring, MD                             Phyllis Bruce, Minneapolis, MN
Karen and Marilyn  Marilee and Carol
Karen Setzer, Golden, CO and                                       Marilee Tolefson, Rockville, MD and
Marilyn Kranich, Cape Coarl, FL                                  Carol DeSchepper, Lake Park, IO
     Group Photo
 Front Row:  Marilee Tolefson, June Sand, Ruth Manchester, Carol DeSchepper, Phyllis Bruce, Nancy Roberts
Back Row:  Carolyn Crowe, Marilyn Kranich, Karen Setze, Andy West,,  Tammy Divine, Michelle Knapp, Deloris Bills

Nancy and Deloris  Tammy and June
Nancy Roberts, Cape Coral, FL and                               Tammy Divine, Minneapolis, MN
Deloris Bills, Maysville, OH                                           June Sand, St. Paul, MN
Tammy leading        Out for dinner
Tammy leading our discernment process                              Enjoying dinner together